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My First Experience at Casino Max

by Ann Sterling.

We’ve received the following experience from one of our close relationships whom we had the pleasure of having invited to an exclusive launch party from Casino Max, the newest online casino to hit the internet.

casino max online casinoThe day I got invited to play in Casino Max Online Casino as one of the first people ever, was one that I will definitely remember! I had been thinking of joining a casino for some time, having heard one or two stories from a friend of mine. My friend, who I will call Jane for now, plays at casinos quite often so I’m always listening to her chattering away about her experiences. ”Why don’t you sign up and play” she will say (almost every time I see her!)

I will admit though, some of the things she tells me about a certain game she was playing the other day and how much cash she won, does sometimes catch my attention. Also once or twice I’ve even felt a bit excited myself when she wins because she’s buzzing, like a bee on fire!

However, this had to be my choice and if I was going to join a casino, then I would look at a few to see what they were all about first. I’ve played bingo a few times during my life, but never a casino, so this was a big step for me.

Then one day I thought ‘oh just go for it Ann!’ I’d had a busy week at work, overcome a bad head day, done the washing, bought the food shopping and spent I don’t know how long in the garden that Saturday. I needed to relax, have some ‘me’ time, so there I was dreaming about playing at a casino and making my first big win, just like Jane!

Curious to know what it was like for myself, I sat in front of my computer and started to search. There was a couple of online casinos that I didn’t like the look of and I also find it a bit off-putting having to wait for advertisements to appear.

I was looking for something that was pleasing to the eye and a website that I could easily maneuver up and down. It would be enough to try to learn how to play without having to struggle or wait until the website was ready. That would be the last thing I needed. I would have to concentrate hard so there was no room for distractions.

It was then when I received a private invitation and recommendation from the Celjevo team about a totally new online casino called Casino Max.

When they speak about something new and exciting, I always listen. And so, not long after their private invitation for the opening party I came to Casino Max. The website was colorful, it came up on my screen in a blink of an eye the minute I had clicked on it. It was easy to scroll up and down and I could see at a glance the tabs along the top, which take you to the different pages throughout the website. There was no need to close this one down so I started to scroll through and take a better look on what they had to offer.

I was actually quite impressed at the size of the $9000 ‘Welcome Bonus’ and 100 free spins they were offering, I’m sure Jane hadn’t mentioned her bonus in the site she was playing in was so big! This wasn’t the casino she had joined as I would have recognized the name. I felt really excited, I wanted to call her right then and there, and tell her this one was even better than the one she told me to go to. But I was engrossed, plus I didn’t want to let her persuade me to go with the one she played at.

So I carried on checkingĀ out Casino Max further.

There was such a long list of games. More than a hundred for sure. 150 they say, well, could well be! I lost count. Which one would I play first? What if I’m no good at it? What if I lose all my money? My head was spinning, maybe this is how other people feel when venturing into a casino for the very first time and not knowing what to expect? It was then that I saw the ”Play For Fun” free mode. Oh well, then I’ve nothing to lose, I thought. I was right too, because I started to play in fun mode on a few games.

I was having a good time playing games with fun money. By the time I had won quite a lot, I was wishing I’d played for real!

I carried on playing a few slot games and I honestly found it hard to come away, but I wanted to try video poker next. I couldn’t wait to tell Jane all about it. Now I felt ready to play for real with Real Money. By this time I was feeling very confident so I made my deposit and started playing. I didn’t give up when I lost the game because I was still enjoying myself, and now that I’d got a real hang of video poker I didn’t care anyway. I was in another world, another place in time, I could have been in Vegas even! The graphics and sound effects were doing all this, wow, it was great, and what a buzz I was getting.

Then I won! Can you imagine how that felt! I need to tell Jane quick, she’s not the only one who can win!

Well ever since my first day of playing and my very first win at Casino Max, I’m still a member, I win and I lose, but most of all I’ve discovered a passion that I never knew existed. Which is what prompted me to write this review in the first place.

I know there must be others out there, especially ladies like me, who probably feel a little nervous at taking the same plunge as I did yet still want to join. My word of advise to them, is just go for it. Play for fun first until you get to know each game then grab the bull by the horns, you’ll be glad you did! šŸ˜‰

ann sterling

Ann Sterling


From the editor:

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